Monday, January 26, 2009

Lil' Dragon

Well Aidan has been in karate for about six months now and finally got to test for his next belt. At his age they go from white to the Little Dragon belt which is a camo belt. His next belt will be the yellow. He absolutely loves karate and it has been so much fun watching him grow and improve. For those of you that have little boys, I strongly recommend karate. He has learned so much abot repect, dedication, motivation, and discipline. His teacher, Mr. Hatch, is amazing. He is so patient with them, yet firm so they take him seriously. Aidan has gotten so good over the last 6 months I am amazed. His belt testing was so awesome. Right before he took the test we were all sitting in the room waiting and I asked him if he was excited, and he said..."yeah, but I'm a little nervous." It was so cute, but I was worried about how he would do because there were so many people there watching for the next few classes after theirs. They did so good, and he was so excited to get his new belt! I am so proud of him for working so hard, and reaching this first goal. I just love this little boy! Sorry the pictures aren't the greatest. I was sitting in the back and the mirror didn't really help my flash.
This is Aidan and his best friend Riley and all their supporters. Rileys family lives two houses down from us and we have all gotten so close. They are such good buddies.

This is them doing their inward blocks. Aidan is the one in the middle.

Roundhouse kicks!

This is Aidan receiving his new belt.

Cute, cute, cute. They just look so little to me!

This is one of my favorite pictures. They "meditate" for a minute at the end of each session. Doesn't Aidan look so relaxed? lol
Aidan with his teacher, Mr. Hatch. I think he is only 19 but he is sooo amazing!

Best Little Dragon Buddies. Love you guys!

Monday, January 19, 2009

From Little Birds to Little Beasts

Well...Baylee jsut completed her first semester of Little Gym. That's right she graduated. She is no longer a Little Bird. She is now a Little Beast (they couldn't have named the age group better). I have been taking my kids to the Little Gym since Aidan turned one. When he turned four he decided he wasn't interested anymore which worked out great because Baylee was ready to start so I only had to pay for one at a time. Baylee was a lttle star right away. She is so active and strong that she did great from the very beginning. She loves to hang on the bar. She could stay up there for ever. Her teacher uses her to demonstrate all the skills in her class. She gets so excited when I tell her we get to the Little Gym. She knows the sign for play, so she will start signing it and chanting " I pay, I pay!" She has been so much fun to watch in this class and I can't wait to see her in the next class. She will get to do some slightly more advanced skills, but most importantly she will have a blast again! Good job Baylee and congrats on graduating from your first semester of Little Gym! Love you!!!
This is one of the warm ups we do at the beginning of class with the parachute. They get to sit on it while we do ring around the rosy.

This is her doing her part to pull the parachute. She is such a good helper.

Our little gymnast on the balance beam. She has no fear! I have to warch her really close or she will climb up the steps and try to go across it on her own.

This is her doing a backroll on the foam roll. This is to get them prepared to learn backhandsprings.

Aidan usually has to watch from the lobby so he had a great time spotting and playing with her in the gym. This is him trying to help her do a flip around the bar. Yikes!

Playing on the uneven bars.

This is her hanging on the really high bar that most of the kids wont even try. She will hold onto this bar for about 30 seconds. I am always worried her little arms are gonna pop out of the sockets.

Aidan being a good big helper again. He is such a good big brother, and adores his baby sister.

Making a basket. She always gets really excited when she makes it and says "2 points!"

Baylee with her little acheivement certificate, ribbon, and bubbles that her teacher gave her.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Walking With Dinosaurs

Last night my family went to the "Walking with Dinosaurs" show at the Energy Solutions Arena. Aidan is really into dinosaurs right now so for Christmas we got him tickets to the show. My mom, her friend Frieda and her grandson Justin were all able to come with us too. We weren't sure how Baylee was going to do, but she did great!
It was such an amazing show. Aidan absolutely loved it. It's basically and educational journey through all the different periods of time. The dinosaurs are all life size robots, that are so life like it is unreal. The Brachiosaurus and T-Rex were unbelievably HUGE! Aidan was filling me in on tid-bits about the dinosaurs all the way through the show. Like which ones were carnivores and herbivores, and what each of there defense systems are. For instance, the Brachiosaurus is an herbivore but it is so big and fat that none of the other dino's really mess with it. We were out in the hall before it started when he spotted some paleantologists. They had real fossils and bones so we went to talk to them. They were showing him the skill of an Allosaurus which is like a small T-Rex. Aidan "informed" the paleantologist that they had three claws but the T-Rex only had two. The paleantologist agreed. lol He knows so much about dinosaurs it kills me. He has a Leap Pad that he reads everynight before bed. One of the books is about dinosaurs which is where he gets the majority of his knowledge, because it's definitely not from me. He had a great time and Baylee did too. At one point she was hanging out with my mom in the little tunnel thing, and went to walk up to the fence to get a closer look. Right then the T-Rex roared SOOOO loud. I have never seen the girl move so fast. She was back in my moms arms in no time. It was hilarious. She was still smiling and laughing, but didn't want to do too much exploring after that. lol
We had a great time! Unfortunately I was one of the only people there who followed the "no cameras allowed" policy and missed out on taking any pictures, but it was a great night! We are also going to the Dinosaur Museum on Friday for his school field trip so it will be a Dinosaur themed week.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Feeling Lucky!

I had to post about my day today. My wonderful husband got me a day at the spa for Christmas. He really knows the way to my heart. My sister Haley works at a ritzy spa at The Canyon's Resort and hooked me up with an awesomee an experience. I got there at about 12 and was able to relax in the steam room before slipping into a comfy robe and slippers. Then I took a book that I have been trying to read forever but never have the time. I sat in the womens lounge and drank cucumber water and read my book while I waited for my treatment to begin. For those of you with crazy kids and households you know what a treat something this little can be. Then I went into my treatment room and got a full body orange/ginger exfoliation scrub. Then I got a hot towel treatment on my head. While I waited for my bath to be drawn I was given a hot oil scalp treatment. Then I sat in a hot jacuzzi bath for TWENTY FIVE min! I don't remember the last 10 minute bath I have taken. It was heaven. When I got out I was given a 90 minute massage. I fell asleep a couple times even though I was fighting it. I wanted to enjoy every minute of it! When my treatment was over I took my time in the fancy shower (my hair was a nightmare after all the oil) and using all the yummy lotion and hair stuff. It was a fabulous day and just what I needed. Now if only I could do it once a week!
On the downside.....I have had a headache for 12 days straight! I have done everything I can think of to get rid of it and it's still there. I am going to the Dr. tomorrow so hopefully we can figure out what is going on.
We are also taking Aidan to the "Walking with Dinosaurs" show tomorrow night. He is so excited, and so am I. He LOVES dinosaurs! I can't wait to see his face when he sees the T-Rex!

Friday, January 9, 2009

We survived!

Holy cow...I can't believe it's been so long since I posted, and if it weren't for my Dad's prodding it probably would have been a while longer before I got to it. Thanks for the motivation Dad. As soon as Christmas was over I pretty much spent 2 weeks recovering and doing nothing! It was great! Christmas was amazing this year. We had so many fun parties to go to, and spent so much time with family it was awesome. For Christmas Eve we did the same thing we always do. My mom, brother and sister all came over and we made homeade pizza. Then we read The Polar express and had root beer floats, and opened jammies. Aidan was so excited that he had a very hard time sleeping, which means we all did. We really probably only got about two hours in, but it was worth it! Christmas morning was amazing. The only problem was that I over did it again this year, as usual. Halfway through opening presents Aidan started complaining that he was tired and didn't want to open any more presents. He just wanted to play with what he had opened. Aidan got the Robot that he asked for, a Tag reading system, digital camera, a bunch of games, clothes, and a tool set to name a few. Baylee got her first doll house, dolls, a tea set, shopping cart and play food, clothes, jewlery and jewlery box and who know what else, lol. They had a lot of fun and made it a very special Christmas for us. I am still trying to recover. I still ahve new toys strung out all over the place, and just barely put my tree down two days ago. Hopefully I will get it all under control soon. Hope you all had a great holiday and happy New Year. Just a fair warning...their is a ton of pictures.
This is Aidan and the pizza he made. He looks forward to it every year. This year I was super fancy and made homeade dough and sauce. It made a big difference. They were great!

Baylee in her new Jammies on Christmas Eve. She is such a little cheeser!

Aidan in his new jammies on Christmas Eve.

This year Aidan insisted that we leave a "gorilla bar" aka granola bar, and carrots for Santa and the Reindeer. He wanted to give Santa something healthy so that he would have enough energy to get to all the houses. What a little sweetie!

This is what it looked like after Santa came. Holy crap their were a lot of presents.

At 5:30 on Christmas morning. Baylee not feeling to photogenic apparently. Just waiting to go see what Santa brought.

Aidan with his amazing robot. He absolutely loves this toy. It is pretty sweet!

Baylee trying to peek at the doll as Aidan helps her unwrap it.

Baylee wore this vest for a while. She is such a girl. She loves getting dressed and putting on shoes and jewlery. She walks around saying "tute?" (cute)

And this is after the Christmas tornado. I straightened the present about twenty times to get a picture but could never get back before it was destroyed again.

This is Baylee in the hat that my sister knitted for her. She loves it. Barry was throwing her in the air right before this picture and she is cracking up! I love it!

This is the real tool set that Nanny gave to Aidan. It comes with everything! He wears it constantly and is always trying to find things "to work on" The tools are all real, the are jsut smaller so it's a little scary to have him walking around with a real hammer and pliers. Atleast he has safety goggles though. lol