Sunday, August 3, 2008

Is it really August already?

I seriously don't know where July went. I had no idea it had been so long since I posted. I am feeling a little too lazy to download any of my pics from my camera so I will have to post pics later. Anyway, I guess one of the biggest things that has happened is that Aidan spent last weekend in the hospital. We had a really big asthma scare. He got diagnosed a couple months ago with RAD (Reactive Airway Disease) which is basically a form of asthma, but it just gets triggered by his allergies or a virus. Since then he has had an albuterol inhaler to treat symptoms as the occur. We have been able to keep in under control. Until last weekend. He spent all night coughing and all the next morning. This is usually the biggest symptom of his asthma. So when his inhaler wasn't doing the job I took him to an Insta-care. They gave him the usual breathing treatment and an oral steroid and sent us on our way. About an hour after we got home it started up again. He was getting really bad and having a really hard time breathing so I was on my way to Primary Children's hospital when I finally got ahold of his pediatrician. I decided to take him in there because it was a lot closer. By the time I got him there his oxygen saturation was about 65%. In case that doesn't mean anything to you that's BAD!!! It should be in the high 90's. Anyway they got him under control at the office but called an ambulance and he was taken to primary children's and stayed for the night and all the next day. Since then he has been on some preventative medication and seems to be doing much better. Other than they have totally changed him behaviorally. The steroids he has to take make him really wild and moody. We are hopin ghe will adjust soon, but it's been a rough week.
Other than that we have been doing good. Barry was in Canda for work last week. Aidan started Karate and loves it. Baylee is getting to be a real trouble maker. She causes half the fights her and Aidan get into. I actually sprained my ankle on Friday which sucks. I don't remember the last time I have done that, and I really don't have time for it. We went up the canyon and cooked tin foil dinners tonight to try and escape the heat. It was yummy and a lot of fun. We all love being outside. Well this was suppose to be a short update post, but I guess I had more to say than I thought!