Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I must be out of my mind!

Well......we have a new member of the family. We have a 11 week old black lab puppy named Ty. We have had him for four weeks now. Having a puppy is craziness which is why it has taken me four weeks to post about it. He is absolutely adorable and the kids love him, so do Barry and I, most of the time. Housebreaking isn't my favorite thing, nor is waking up to him barking in his kennel, or the fact that he chews on EVERYTHING. I don't honestly know what happened that made me decide this was the right time to get a dog. Barry and Aidan have been bugging me for a while to get a dog and I haven't really had a hard time saying no. But then Aidan's birthday was coming up and I thought it would be a lot of fun to surprise him with a puppy. I couldn't find one that I was happy with in time but kept looking afterwards. Aidan had no idea I was even considering it. I was thinking that a meduim sized dog would be ideal because I knew the dog would be inside for the most part. I grew up with a black lab though and they have always been my favorite. Well, I found one that I fell in love with him right away. I picked him up that same day while Aidan was at school and surprised him when he got home. He was so excited. The kids have been great with him. It has definitly been an adjustment and a whole lot of work but he has been a fun addition to our family. Plus, he is super cute.

I found him sleeping in Baylee's doll crib. I only let him get away with it because I knew he wouldn't fit too long. lol

And this is what Baylee did to him while he was sleeping. She plastered smiley face stickers all over him. Poor dog...he already puts up with so much from the kids.

How can you not love this face!!! He is so dang cute!