Friday, November 21, 2008

Dinner Idea

Okay sorry it is a day late....For those of you that are wondering what this recipe is all about read the post below.
Last night I made Hawaiin Haystacks for dinner and they were really easy and really yummy. Here is the recipe

1/2 C. Butter
1/2 C. Flour
1/2 tsp. salt
3 C. milk
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 C. fresh sliced mushrooms
6 chicken breasts (cooked and cut into bite size pieces)

Melt the butter in a large sausepan. Add flour and salt and mix well. Add milk and cook until thickened, stirring constantly. Add soup, mushrooms, and chicken. Simmer for 15 min. Serve over cooked rice and top with the following items.

sliced celery
grated cheddar cheese
chopped green onions
toasted sliced almonds
chowmein noodles

Enjoy!!!! It serves about 8 people, so if you don't have that many either cut it in half or enjoy the leftovers.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I have an idea!!! everyday, around 2 or 3 I start stressing about what to make for dinner. On the days that I don't plan ahead it's a big headache. I like to have a lot of variety so that my family doesn't get tired of the same old same old. So....I was thinking.....starting tomorrow, because today is too hectic, that Iwould post what I was making for dinner along with the recipe. Then anyone that reads this and struggles with the same thing can put the recipe of what they are making for dinner on their blog. Just leave me a comment that you are going to participate so I know to look. That way you will also be able to see in my comments who else has done it, and then the same thing goes for the comments on your blog. Good idea right? Maybe I am the only one with this dilemma but I doubt it. It will be fun!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Snow day!!!

We woke up to a ton of snow today. Aidan was thrilled! I was not. The truth is, I really don't like the snow. I don't like scraping my windows, shoveling my walks, and having wet pants around my ankles. I know, I know, I am a party pooper. Anyway...yesterday I spent about an hour and a half looking through old pictures of the kids. I found myself feeling really sad that they have grown so fast. I really can't believe how fast time flies. I told myself yesterday that I was going to spend as much time as possible watching them grow and appreciating all the little things. So when Aidan started begging me early this morning to take him outside to play, I fought the urge to say no. I really just wanted to stay inside my warm house in my pajamas all day. I did end up taking him out when Baylee went down for a nap. It was still snowing and his buddy Riley came and played too so he had a blast. We were out there for well over an hour and that was just because we had to come in for lunch and to get ready for preschool. As much as I dislike the snow it was a lot of fun, and I got a lot of great pictures.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Snowbird and Halloween

Last week was very busy for us, but so much fun! Every year, the last week in October, Barry's family gathers and spends a full week together at Snowbird. His parents own five condos at a resort and his family has been going for thirty one years now. It is such a neat tradition and we look forward to it each year. It is so much fun to spend so much time with the family and to be able to do so many fun things for a whole week so close to home. There are a ton of planned activities by the recreation team, and any time that isn't planned out we fill with swimming hiking and playing at the playground. It was such beautiful weather this time which is a little unusual so we took full advantage of it and spent a lot of time outside. Baylee could have walked around and explored for hours each day, and Aidan loved the playground and swimming. Aidan also got to decorate a fun shirt, do some string art, and play bingo. We had a family halloween party and had a pinata, yummy food, and a donut on a string eating contest. Things are getting more and more crowded. On any given day there is about 30 people there at one time. We eat all the dinners together (in one room, lol) which can make things a little hectic, but fun. There are 18 grankids (all but 3 came), and 7 great grandkids (all but 2 came). There were six babies age 21 months and younger there all week. It was so fun to watch them all play together (and fight). We came home Friday so that we could trick or treat in our neighborhood. The kids had a blast. Our neighborhood was so busy with trick or treaters and I loved it. The weather was perfect, the kids were adorable, and it was an awesome Halloween. I took over three hundred pictures over the last week so I cut it way down but here is a brief overview of some of our happenings. Sorry this took so long dad!
Baylee had to stop and pick up every leaf along this path that we were walking on. She loved exploring and collecting leaves, and pinecones.

We rode the tram up to the top of the mountain the first day we got there. Baylee was content to play with the dirt which was good because I was nervous about the steep cliffs. She seriously loves being outside.

Barry was showing Aidan some of his favorites snowboarding trails. I love watching these two when they don't know I am around. They are such good buddies.

Baylee and Barry watching Aidan bounce on the tramp-bungy thing. She wanted to jump so bad.

Baylee going for a little drive. She had so much fun at the playground. We were there for hours this day.

The girl can climb. I am not kidding. It's a little scary. She will climb on anything and everything and loves to jump from the top. She shakes her fingers and says "Two, Two, do!" and jumps. If you hear those words you need to get ready cause she is going. lol

This is a little hut that the kids discovered. Aidan had a gret time playing "the drums" and Baylee has to do everything her big brother does.

So cute.....she wasn't cooperating too well, but I still thinks it's adorable.

This is the donut eating contest. Aidan thought this was awesome! Baylee took a while to figure out what was going on, but finished the donut in record time.

This is the shirt that Aidan decorated. He had all of the family sign there name on the back and I think it will be a fun reminder for him.

This is a few of the kids getting ready for the parade. Aidan, Cayden, Baylee, and Kyler. There were a few more of our family babies there but getting all 7 of them in the picture wasn't happening. lol

Little Red Riding Hood and Buzz Lightyear right before we left to go trick or treating. I thought they both looked really stinking cute!