Saturday, April 25, 2009

Easter Fun!

I know it's a little late but I wanted to post some Easter pictures. We had a great time at all the different parties and Easter Egg hunts. We colored eggs at our house just like we do every year. THe kids had a blast. Aidan was a lot more serious abotu it this year, and Baylee just like dropping the eggs in the dye and watching it splash. tHen we had the annual Easter egg hunt at Barry's parents house. It's always really fun, and I am always amazed by the effort that they put in. There are now 18 grandkids, plus about five or so of them are married and there are 7 great grandkids all under the age of two. Barry's parents put fifteen eggs out per kid and then one big egg for everyone with ten dollars in it. They are numbered so everyone has to find a specific number. The kids hide the adults eggs and each year they get more and more creative with were they hide them. My mom had us over for dinner and an egg hunt there as well. The kids got way more candy then they needed and a whole bunch more money. They had a great time. Thanks eveyone for making it such a fun day! For some reason at this age they refuse to just smile when you take their picture.

Yes.....I made them take of their clothes to color the eggs. lol

Baylee getting ready to find the eggs at Grandma Bergs.

Of course she had to have a snack. It's hard work to look for all those eggs.

Aidan being a good big brother and helping Baylee find her eggs.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.......Very Ugly!

So today was a particularly rough day. Between meltdowns I took a little time to think about my days as a stay at home mom. What I came to realize is that my days can pretty much be summarized by the saying "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly!" There are many many bad and ugly things that happen each day. From lotion being squirted throughout the house, wall murals painted with deodorant, and food that gets eaten everywhere BUT the kitchen table. It's exhausting! And yet, I wouldn't give up my opportunity to be a stay at home mom for the world. Even on the days when the bad things seriously outnumber the good things (like today). It's amazing how hearing my kids laugh when I tickle them, or Baylee singing the Barney song to me, or the surprise hugs and kisses, or watching them play so good together, somehow make me forget all the bad. These pictures are what a typical day for me looks like. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.........and for those of you with a weak stomach, you might want to skip the ugly section cause it IS UGLY!!!!

The Good...............

There's really nothing sweeter than a sleeping princess!

I love when they entertain themselves. They got themselves dressed in these outfits and played forever together!

THE BAD........................
This is a sample of Baylee's fingernail polish artwork on Aidan's bedroom rug. Of course she couldn't get into the clear polish!

Notice there is two colors? Yes the red is from yesterday. I thought I had thrown all of the fingernail polish away after that incident but Baylee managed to find another bottle. I was so mad yesterday that I didn't get any pictures. She was covered from head to toe. I was wishing I had gotten pictures but didn't expect to get a repeat performance and a chance to get those pictures. ugh

I tried about 10 different remedies from online to get it out of the carpet. Not with a whole lot of success unfortunately.

The artist herself pouting in the "naughty spot!" I didn't dare put her in her actual time out seat downstairs because that would mean leaving her unattended for a whole 2 minutes which I wasn't willing to do!

And the UGLY..........Brace yourself!

Yes folks, you guessed it. That's poop! This is how I found Baylee the other morning. She slept in earlier than usual (or so I thought) so I went to check on her. She had been so quiet that I wasn't prepared for what I found. Unfortunately this isn't the first time she had pulled this stunt. If I am not quick enough she decided to take care of business on her own. The smell alone was enough to make me sick but the fact that she had it all over her face really freaked me out. I hope I am not the only one who's kids do this. It's bizarre, disgusting, and I have had enough of it. Potty training boot camp starts tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Baylee's First Haircut!

Well I finally did it. I took Baylee to get a much needed haircut. She was beginning to look a little scroungy, and couldn't really see out from under her bangs. I don't know why it was so sad for me, but it was. I have taken Aidan to a place called "Cookie Cutters" since he first started getting his haircut. He loves it because they get to watch movies, or play nintendo games. They sit in cool little chairs, and the stylists are really great with kids. Baylee did great and looks adorable. It wasn't nearly as sad as I thought it would be. Aidan got his haircut also, and looks super cute. Here are some before and after pictures of the kids.

Here is Aidan playing a game while he waits for his turn to get his hair cut. You can tell his hair was getting pretty shaggy.

My handsome little boy. He loves his "Fohawk!"

Baylee playing on the slide before her haircut. She loved it!

Sitting in the "ehpayne" before her haircut.

This is a shot of how long her hair was in the back. Her hair grew in so funny. The top and back are super long, but the sides are really short. She was totally rockin the mullet. When you pulled the back straight it was really long.

The sucker was a good idea for a minute. It kept her entertained, but I was getting really grossed out by the hair on it so it got tossed.

And the after. I wasn't going to cut all her hair as short as the sides because it would have been ridiculously short, but it is much better. At least the back is all one length now.

My cute little peanut!

Isn't she adorable? I sure love this girl! I can't believe how fast she is growing up!

Both the kids love this little toilet. Now....if only Baylee would ralize she can't pee standing up like Aidan does. I am pretty sure she thinks it come from her belly button. Silly girl.

They are so easily entertained. They think this "secret door" into the bathroom is amazing!

Here they are with their balloons, suckers, and cookie cutters that they get after each haircut.