Monday, April 25, 2011

Barry heads to Australia

On April 17th Barry left for Australia. He will be there for 3 months! He has only been there for a week and we are already missing him like crazy. He is there for work and is heading up an office move. The good news is.......because he is there for so long his company will fly us over there to be with him. We are leaving the end of May and will be there for a month. I was really nervous about flying for 20 hours, alone, with 3 kids so my mom and her husband Kelly are going to join us! We plan to spend a week vacationing in the Northern part of Australia, up towards the Barrier Reef because that will be the warmer part of the country considering that we will be there during their winter. Then we are going to head back down to Melbourne where Barry's apartment will be and spend the rest of the time there. We are going to try to fit in a few weekend trips to Syndey and a few other places. It is such an amazing opportunity and we are very excited! Aidan has already been busy googling Australia and researching all that he can. He is also practicing his accent (which is more like a spanish accent) and learning all the Australian words that he can, such as G'day Mate, rubbish, and blokes. lol We have been able to skype with him a few times but the time difference makes it a bit of a challenge. He is 14 hours ahead of us! That means he is almost always a day ahead of us which is weird. He got to celebrate Easter before us this year. He usually has to stay up until about 11, which makes it 7 a.m. for us so that we can talk. Sometimes we are able to catch him before he goes into work, if we call in the afternoon. It's really weird trying to coordinate schedules with that much time in between us but we make it work.

Barry travels quite a bit but has never been gone this long. Dropping him off at the airport was hard on all of us. There were a lot of hugs, and tears, but we are glad we have such a fun reunion to look forward too!
Baylee and Aidan were very helpful with the luggage!

Mason wasn't sure what was going on and was cheesy as ever!

We love and miss you sweetie and can't wait to see you!