Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas much as I would like to send a Christmas card to everyone I know, it's just not going to happen. But I don't want to go without wishing each of you a Merry Christmas. I also can't miss an opportunity to show off how stinking cute my kids are. I will post with the other pics from this shoot soon. There are some pretty cute ones :)
I hope you all have a fantastic christmas with your family! Can't wait to read about how the holidays were for all of you. Merry Christmas!!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sleep Eating

This is one of my favorite videos ever! We had spent the day at Snowbird and the kids had done everything from mechanical bull riding, to alpine sliding, and rock climbing. It was obviously enough to completely wear Baylee out. She wanted a snack as we were leaving so I gave her a string cheese. I shot this video shortly after we left. As tired as she was she was determined to eat that string cheese. I can't tell you how many times I have watched this video. I laugh my butt off everytime I watch it. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Major Catch Up!

OKAY......Seriously???? Has it really been 6 months since I posted? Obviously life with three kids has kept me a little busier than I thought it would. Truth be told, my lack of blogging is probably just a result of lack of desire. I planned on getting caught up one post at a time. That got overwhelming and is the main reason I haven't done anything SOOO...I decided to bite the bullet and just do one incredibly long catch up post and call it good. Hopefully I will be able to keep current from here on out. (Fingers crossed!) So grab a snack and get comfortable. Here it goes. Starting with the current and moving backwards here is what is going my little fam.

Barry, is BUSY! Working a ton. In fact he is out of town right now and has been for most of the last two weeks. Boo! He works so hard to provide for our family and we appreciate it so much, but it really kinda sucks.
As for me, I am just trying to keep up with the kids and all the activities. Between karate, little gym, dance, tumbling, school, and preschool, I spend A LOT of time running kids around. I have also been working hard at losing weight and getting healthy. SO far I have lost almost 60 lbs. YAY!
As for the stars of the show, Aidan is the smartest little 1st grader ever. He is reading at a 3rd grade level and can't get enough of it. I just went to parent teacher conferences and was so proud of him. He is such a sweet boy.
Baylee is in preschool and LOVES it! She would love to go every day if she could. She is a spunky little girl and keeps me on my toes. She thinks Mason is her own doll and can't be left alone with him, lol.
Mason is the cutest, happiest, best baby in the world. He is crawling everywhere. LOVES to go up stairs and sneak off, and stands up and walks along anything he can. He is my first mamma's boy and I have to admit I love it.
My pictures are all taken on my i-phone and aren't the best quality but they'll do the job. Enjoy.
Mason and I at a wedding last weekend. Sure do love this boy!
The shirt says it all! Mason is 10 months and I plan on nursing him until he is one. I'm just not sure how I am going to wean him at that point. The kid LOVES to nurse.

Aidan (swamp monster) and Baylee (minnie mouse) for HAlloween. Unfortunately Mason hated being a dragon and I don't have any decent pictures of him :(
I mean seriously, could you not just eat him? Too cute!
Aidan gave himself his first haircut a couple weeks ago and wasn't very impressed with his skills. I think it's safe to say he won't try that again.

Sleeping beauty crashes hard. I love the cheetos scattered on the floor and the orange on her fingers and mouth. True Baylee style!

Aidan got his first set of golf clubs and was able to go with Barry a couple time this summer. He loves it!

My mom and Kelly got married! I will have to do a post on that later with some more pics. It was a great weekend and we are so happy with our expanded family!

Baylee started dance and tumbling and loves it. She is so cute to watch.

Baylee on her first day of preschool.
Baylee got her ears peirced when she was about 5 months old. She did great with them until a year or so ago and one of them closed up so we got it re-peirced. She didn't love that experience but a sucker fixes everything right?

My little stud on his first day of school. How did this happen? I can't possibly have a 1st grader!

I'm telling you.....I am in trouble with this girl. Too cute for her own good :)

Aidan got his purple belt in karate! He is doing soooo good. We are so proud of him and the progress he is making in karate.

This is Aidan and Tony Martinez. For any of you that know anything about karate, he is an impressive man. He is the owner of the studio and is a well known name in the karate world. He is also a seventh degree black belt!

He looks so little in all his sparring gear :)

I turned 30!! gasp! My family threw me an 80's themed surprise party and it was a blast. In case you were wondering I didn't show up to the party in this attire. This was the outfit that was waiting for me when I got there.

We spent A LOT of time at the pool this summer. Aidan and Baylee both did swimming lessons again and Aidan is an amazing swimmer. It was Baylee's first time but she did great.

Aidan has lost his four front teeth now. Don't worry his two front teeth are already at the top of his Christmas list this year.

You could find Baylee doing this on a daily basis with her otter pops this summer. I have a freezer out in the garage and it didn't take the neighbor kids long to figure that out. I went through an insane amount of otter pops this summer.

Baylee turned three and took a couple of her friends with her to get pedicures and manicures. They thought it was the best thing ever! Barry is a little worried that I started her out so early.

Mason's first time eating rice cereal. Always a fun experience!

Awww.......I already miss him being so little. I wish they didn't grow up so fast :(

This picture just makes me smile.

Well.....if you made it this far, I am proud. I promise I am going to be a better blogger. Promise!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jr. Jazz

Aidan participated in Jr. Jazz for the first time this year and had a great time. He loved that he got to be on the court for most of the game, unlike Baseball which was a true test of his patience and attention span. He didn't have a clue what was going on but sure had fun! lol It was so funny to watch all the kids pretty much stay all huddled up and run from one end of the court to the other. Aidan would periodically stop and ask the ref or the coach where he should go. He had a blast and we had a great time watching him! I didn't do a very good job with the pictures but you get the idea.

If there happened to be a dull moment in the game, Baylee was very good at providing entertainment as usual.

Grandma and Grandpa made it to almost every game. Such loyal fans :)

Aidan is in the blue #34 jersey.

And the best part of all........the trophy. Good job buddy!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Stitches x 2

Back in march my baby girl had to get her first stitches. We were at my cousin Lindsay's house and Baylee was standing on a kitchen chair and reaching for something on the table. Next thing I knew she fell and hit her chin on the table and her upper teeth went THROUGH her chin right below her lip. Luckily my mom and Barry were there because I panicked. It was bleeding so bad and she was so scared. We loaded up and went to the hospital where she had to get 6 stitches. The shot was obviously the worse part and I am not sure who cried harder between her and I. She was so tought though through the stiitches and the hospital staff all fell in love with her. She is so stinking sweet. The stitches were only in for 5 days and the scar is barely visible now.
A picture a snapped while we were getting checked in. The hold isn't really visible in this pic but her her sad little look kills me.

The end result.

A couple days later. Already looking so good.

Well, fast forward to May and we are now at the Instacare, only this time it's for Aidan. I was sitting on the porch the other day talking on the phone with my mom. Aidan had gone in the backyard to get his boomerang. He was reaching under our trailer to grab it. The dog grabbed the other end and pulled him smack into the corner of the trailer. I didn't see it but all the sudded heard screaming. I went running into the backyard to find Aidan covered in blood and panicked. AGH! I hung up on my mom and ran him to the front yard. We washed it out with the hose and I quickly realized it was going to need stitches. Luckily my mom lives close and was able to come sit with the two little kids because we were at the Instacare for TWO hours. The stitches themselves took 10 minutes. I was dreading having to got through this ordeal again but luckily had a much different experience. They put some "silly gel" numbing stuff on him right when we got there. Because we had to wait so long he was super numb by the time we got seen. They didn't even have to give him a shot so the stiching was done with no problem.
Here he is waiting with the silly gel on his head. Such a trooper, still smiling.

Not a very good picture but this is the gash.

And the beautiful stitching job. They were in for 7 days and he thought it was pretty cool that he got to keep them afterwards. Come to think of it.......I have no idea where those have ended up. Hmmm.
Hopefully this is the last of the stitches in our household for a while.

Catch up

I am alive I just took an unintentional break from the blogging world, atleast from my own blog. I have stayed caught up with all of yours thanks to my middle of the night nursing sessions, lol. Somehow though between a new baby, soccer, karate, Jr. Jazz, Holidays, and, I have gotten really far behind on mine. It wasn't until I uploaded nearly 400 pictures that I realized just how behind I was. Needless to say I will be playing catch up for the next little while. I really want to be able to turn this blog into a book some day do I am setting a goal to get caught up in the next week and a half. Although I will have two more birthdays and Mother's day to post about at that time. lol Never ending. Anyway, if you want to see a few of the shenannigans my little family has been up to lately stay tuned.
So......a couple months ago we decided that since the "puppy" (a 75 lb. black lab) was spending more time outside due to the arrival of the baby that we should get him a dog house. Barry thought it would be a fun project to work on with Aidan. Nevermind that it cost more and took up a ton of time! Oh well it's the thought right? So Barry, his dad and Aidan got to work on a dog house. Barry's dad was an engineer so a plain old dog house just wasn't going to cut it. It had to be framed, insulated, slanted, carpeted, shingled, painted and sealed. It turned out pretty nice and the inside walls lasted longer than I thought they would. I think it actually took Ty a week to eat the carpet and insulation rather than the one day I imagined it would take. Let me briefly backtrack and tell you that our "puppy" is a bit of a nightmare. He has chewed the siding off of our our house, dug out every cable including our phone line in our back yard, destroyed our $2000 playset, and chewed a 4 foot hole THROUGH our new camping trailer just to name a few. I feel like the worst pet owner in the world because I just don't know how much longer we can keep him. We jsut don't have the time to give him the attention he obviously needs. It's a dilemma. Anyway, he has a dog house, for now.
The first two sides getting framed.

Getting the walls up.

They had to take a break for some brief karate chopping of the wood action.

Even Baylee got in on the action. By the way, those are Aidan's old pajamas that she found and refuses to part with. They are her favorite. I will put her in others and she will be back in these when she gets up in the morning, little stinker.