Monday, April 28, 2008


SO.....My in-laws called me today and asked if the kids and I wanted to go with them to ride the new Frontrunner Train (runs from Salt Lake to Ogden). Aidan loves trains so I new he would want to. It was fun but a lot more time consuming than I thought it was going to be. We decided that we would take trax from 7200 S. to downtown and then transfer to the Frontrunner. That was a mistake. The trax ride alone took about 45 min. one way. Then we were on the frontrunner for a half hour, waiting to transfer in the sun with no shade for another half hour, and then back. It was fun but it was a lot of time for the kids to be sitting still. was SUPER crowded. Not to mention the crowd on trax was less than comfortable. For instance, one of the guys next to us had just gotten out of prison after a 15 month sentence. Another man was rambling in his drunkeness. It was a long and interesting trip. We can't wait to go again, but will be driving to the hub and waiting for the crowds to die down.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sick Baby.....Blogging confusion

ARGH!!! I keep putting off posting because I can't figure out how to post all the Disney pics that I want to. But I decided that if I wait to get that figured out I may never blog again.
Anyway, Baylee has been super sick for a week now. She started throwing up last Thursday and today has been the first non-pukey day. She also had a really bad ear infection, so I have been holding her non-stop. The poor little thing has been miserable. I think she may be about back to normal, but it's been a rough week.
Aidan of course has been getting a little stir crazy. We haven't left the house much at all, and he's not used to that. We are normally up to something every day. In fact, every morning when he wakes up he says "Where are we going today?" He likes to know what is on his agenda. He starts Tee-ball tomorrow and is really excited.
Oh and I have to tell the funniest thing that Aidan said the other day (with a lot of probing from Daddy of course.)
I had gone and gotten shakes for a special treat. I was upstairs with Baylee and Aidan and Barry were downstairs. After a little bit Aidan came running into the room and said
"Mom...My milkshake brings all my boys to my yard" I busted up laughing which was exactly the reaction he wanted of course. He was very proud of himself and kept saying it over and over and over. If you don't know the song you are probably wondering why this is so funny, but most of you probably do. I know this wouldn't be cute too long from now, but he had noooo idea what he was saying and it was incredibly funny!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Disneyland here we come!

Tomorrow is the big day. We are finally going to Disneyland! Aidan has been doing a daily countdown for the last week and can hardly wait. I think Barry and I are equally excited. It has been hectic trying to get ready for the trip but I know it will all be worth it. It is just amazing how much you need to pack for a baby. I have a whole big bag packed with just Baylee's essentials (diapers, food, sippy cups, bottles....) Good thing we have a big car!
For those of you who don't know, we are leaving Saturday and will be back Mon. the 14th. We are going with our friends (neighbors) and their kids. They have a son named Riley that is Aidan's age. They are best friends, and would spend every waking hour together if they could. I think just a week in the same house is going to be fun for them, let alone all the other fun things we have planned. We are planning on three days in Disneyland, one at Seaworld, San Diego Zoo, and the beach. It will be a great trip and we can't wait. I really hope Baylee does okay being in a stroller so much of the time. She loves to be outside and is interested in everything so I am sure she will have a lot to take in.
I will be sure to post some pics and a little about our trip when we get back. Love to all!