Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wedding time!

Barry's niece Annie was married last weekend. We are so excited and happy for her and Jason and wish them all the best! The wedding was at Mellenial Falls and it was so gorgeous there. There were so many great backgrounds for pictures and I was really excited to get some cute pictures of the kids. Unfortunately the kids were way more interested in running around and playing with the cousins, and not real excited about posing for pictures. I got what I could but didn't have much luck with smiles, or even looking in my direction for that matter.

This was the waterfall that they were married in front of. I was nervous about it all night long because the kids were so fascinated by it.

Baylee getting a kiss from her cousin Caden.

Yeah try getting four kids from 15-19 months to look at you at the same time. Caden, Baylee, Kyler, and Kyson all going for a little ride on the swing. So cute!

Baylee was having so much fun exploring, I just kind of followed her around with the camera.

She may not be acting very ladylike but it sure is cute to watch!

I love this picture. They are so freaking cute!!!

Aw....Barry sure does love his baby girl. So sweet!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Off to the races!!!

My dad invited us all to go to the races at Rocky Mountain Raceway last weekend. His boss who had won the championship for the year and was retiring was racing for the last time and then there was a surprise party for him afterwards. Aidan has been once before with Barry. I decided to take him this time and Barry stayed home with Baylee because it was a little too late at night and too loud for her. My brother and his wife, and my sister also went. It was a lot of fun to spend time with my famly. Aidan loves his Grandpa Steve, and was really excited when he bought him another black and white checkered flag. He had been counting on getting one ever since I told him we would be going. Grandpa delivered and bought him another one. The races were really exciting, plenty of crashes to keep in interesting. We had a great time, and Aidan was thrilled!

Maybe one day Aidan will be as tall as his uncle Scott!

I couldn't get everyone to look at me at the same time but atleast they are all smiling! Aidan, my dad, Haley, Britt, and Scott.

My sister-in-law Britney, my sister Haley, and me!

Aww, my cute little brother and sister!

This freaky clown was walking around all night and Aidan kept wanting to go see him. I couldn't
believe he wasn't freaked out by him. Even I thought he was creepy!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Great nephew #7

When I married Barry I became an aunt for the first time. Not to one, two, or three, kids but to 16! Yes, sixteen nieces and nephews. I was really happy about this, and love them all dearly. Barry is ten years older than me, and the second to youngest of six boys. Because of this some of his siblings have kids that are much older than ours. This means that not only do I have a nephew that is only one week younger than me, but that I get to be close with a lot of them because I am more similiar in age than the rest of their aunts and uncles. I love all of them, and have really enjoyed getting to know them better. It also means that many of them are getting married and having children of their own. I am so happy about that because most of Barry's siblings are done having kids. Aidan was the first grandchild in 7 years. He got everyone's attention for about three years!!! Luckily though their wasn't a baby shortage for too long! Around the time Baylee was born their was a baby boom! Within about 5 months their were 6 babies born. I dare you to try to say these names 6 times fast! Gavin, Caden, Kyson, Kyler, Baylee, Kaleb. Since then we have had two more babies. Taylee was born a few months ago, meaning that Baylee was no longer the only girl. And yesterday our 8th baby Berg was born. As of last night they had yet to choose a name. I love having all these cute little ones running around at our monthly family parties and am so happy my kids will have all these cousins to run around with. I just still have a hard time believing that at age 28, I am an Aunt to 16, and a GREAT-aunt to 7! I guess us Berg's are all doing our part to replenish the earth. Love you all!!!

I love this picture. This is five of the six that are really close in age. Starting with Baylee, then going to the right it is.....Baylee, Kyson, Caden, Kyler, and Kaleb. SO cute. The only one missing from this picture was Gavin because they live in Arizona.

Baylee and Kyler, these two seem to end up by each other all the time at parties. Kyler is jsut one month older.

Baylee and Kyler again.

Baylee and Taylee.

Baylee and Kyler again....and thrilled!

Kyson and Baylee.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Summer Randomness

Holy crap I can't believe how bad I have been about posting. I guess I really have been busy. When the idea of downloading the pictures from your digital camera wears you out, I guess your really tired. We have been having a lot of fun and staying busy playing outside, going to the zoo, and taking the kids to and from karate and Little Gym. The kids are both like me and prefer to be busy so that's what we try to do. I figured I would just post some of the random pictures from the last couple weeks. We went to the zoo Last Friday and the kids had a great time. We were able to catch a bird show which was a lot of fun. The kids were totally entertained and Aidan even got to be involved. The trainer asked for someone brave from the audience and Aidan shot his hand up and yelled "I'm brave!" So the guy called him down. He asked Aidan to hold his arm straight out to his side and filled his hand with birdseed. Then a bird came flying from a far corner of the atrium and landed on Aidan's arm. It shocked him to say the least! I think the bird had a little more speed and sharper claws than he was ready for. He made a priceless face and pulled his arm in. The whole audience was cracking up. Aidan than thought he needed to clarify to the audience, using the trainers microphone, " didn't scare me it just hurted me!"Oh it was so cute, and priceless. I caught it the best that I could on camera but wish that I had been videoing. Aidan also started at his new preschool "The Little Learner's Academy" and LOVES it! It is such an amazing pre-k program and I am so excited for him and all the new things he will be learning! Fair warning.......this post is mostly pictures, hopefully I will get better about posting more often so I don't have to put so many pictures up each time. :)

This is Aidan at his new desk in preschool. He was seriously so excited to be there, it was cute.

My sweet little piggy. She has learned to say "eese" when I take her picture, or anytime she see's a camera.

Baylee, Katie, Riley, Aidan, and Shaylee at the zoo. We are so glad to have neighbors that we can be such good friends with!

It's really hard to tell in this picture exactly what was going on, but you can tell by Aidan's stance that he is about ready to throw the bird of his arm. lol

This is at the bird show, left to right...Jaycee, Callie, Shaylee, Baylee, Aidan, Riley, and Katie.
Baylee having a great time on the carausel. Shaylee is so cute with her!

A common activity at our hose is for Aidan and Riley to put on every hat and gloves they can find. I found all three of them playing in Aidan's room like this. So cute!

Aidan loves to dress in his fireman outfit. I caught him outside playing on the trailer and he had put a hose on the end of the crank and was pretending to put out fires. What an imagination the kid has.

Baylee loves to push her baby around in her stroller. She will occasionally walk around and kiss the baby. I absolutely love having a little girl!

It doesn't get much cuter than this.
Baylee loving on her cute little cousin Taylee. She loves babies already!