Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My baby turns 1!

Mason turned 1 on January 13th. I really can't believe it. I know people always say this, and I have said it many times before, but they really do grow up sooooo fast. I think the fact that he is my last one, makes it even harder. I am just shocked that it has already been a year since this little guy came into our lives. What can be said about sweet little Mason, AKA..... Mug, Mugger, Muggins, Mugger-Moo. Mason is the happiest and most smiley baby I have ever known. He is so excitable and animated. He loves everyone, but REALLY loves his mom. He is my first momma's boy and I have to admit I love every minute of it. He puts up with a lot from his big sister but is starting to put her in her place when she takes one of his toys or picks him up when he's not interested. It's really amazing the younger ones survive the torment of the older siblings. He LOVES going to Little Gym and is the star of the show. He is super busy and has mastered going up and down the stairs. He wasn't walking by his first birthday like my other two but is now. He started when he was about 13 months. He still walks like a drunk man and is constantly falling on his butt. He talks like crazy but doesn't say many words, although he thinks he does. He will just jabber and jabber and then look at you like he is waiting for you to answer him. He loves to eat. He is more picky then my other two and will let you know if he doesn't like something by just spitting it out or throwing it on the floor. Some of his favorite things are banannas, sweet potatoes, oranges, peas, yogurt, and bread. He absolutely loves playing in the water and taking baths. He will splash like crazy and laugh hysterically. At his one year appointment he only weighed 19 lbs. He is in the 75 % for height, 25% for weight, and 90 % for his head. He has always had a big old noggin, lol. I am not sure what we would do without this little guy in our lives. He adds so much happiness to our family and we just can't get enough of him.